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Fart For Freedom : An Ill Wind Blows ebook

Fart For Freedom : An Ill Wind Blows.cC.S. Davies
Fart For Freedom : An Ill Wind Blows
Author: C.S. Davies
Page Count: 376 pages
Published Date: 14 Dec 2010
Publication Country: Bloomington, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452056029
Download Link: Fart For Freedom An Ill Wind Blows

Two demented psychotic groups are engaged in a battle for moral, if not hygienic superiority. Fart For Freedom, with their freedom farters like the Silent But Deadly assassins and Curry Men explosive experts, are steadfastly led by their leaders; the Inner Rectum. Their sole purpose in life is to make the world a place where anyone can fart anytime and anywhere, without fear of retribution. Opposing them is STOP; the Society To Oppress Perverts- a group that brings a whole new meaning to the term 'anal retentiveness'. Their puritanical view of the world sets them against the freedom farters at every turn. In the STOP world; clean equals serene. Unwillingly thrown into this turbulent situation is Algenon Plugg; a mild-mannered man with a traumatic past. After memories of his childhood catch up with him at a most inopportune time, he is hurled him into a maelstrom that threatens death and destruction for anyone who crosses his path. If Fart For Freedom is to survive, they must eliminate the opposition before they themselves are eliminated.

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